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I have been spurred to rewrite my web-site.

I have discovered the Love of God through Jesus Christ, his son, (my King!) and the life changing Miracles that the awareness and understanding provide.

I have also discovered something very interesting, an organization that goes by the name

"The Disclosure Project"

Please, please consider supporting this cause; it may save the world!

I encourage all readers to consider the following facts and then go to and witness the astounding testimony put forth by stalwart, highly placed individuals, about 400 of them to date.


 Fact: We have a wonderful moon on which to build a beautiful space station. We wouldn't worry about the space station ever falling out of orbit, we would have a foundation to build on, and we can fly there in about 30 hours with a shuttle. In fact it makes perfect sense to build a space station there instead of floating freely in space. And why do you think we are not building on the moon?


 Fact: Our religious beliefs do not have to be threatened by the existence of other life in the universe. We have our Bible or Old and New Testament. Testament means Covenant or Agreement. Our Bible is our Covenant with The One God. Other Extra-Terrestrials will have their Testaments or Covenants. This must be firmly remembered as we become exposed to the likely-hood of new neighbors. And remember, as we move into space, we become extraterrestrial to another world. Wouldn't it be great to bring an Alien Person to Christ! Cool. Very Cool.


  Fact: There has been a dramatic increase in "UFO" sightings since WWII, which ended Thank God, but it ended with the signature of Atomic Nature i.e. a bomb. This has caused an interest in us by our stellar neighbors. We have many stellar neighbors and the testimony of this august body (The Disclosure Project) as well as many, many sincerely credible individuals outside of this group (myself included) have established their various existences. Fortunately I had the advantage to view a pair of Pleiadeans I believe, a Nordic variety ( (I was scared at the time)when I was 14 1967) and can only assume that the ship that my family witnessed (when I was three yr. old 1956) was theirs. I don't know for sure. I have seen no Grey varieties however and they seem to be the predominant species visiting us.


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